There remain only around 3000-4000 nuclear test veterans alive today and their children and grandchildren number in the thousands. Our main focus is to honour their collective experience.
On a broader level our audience falls into two categories;
  • Young people interested in social change and activism, with an interest in modern British history and
  • Their parents and grandparents who were activists, or have a nostalgia for the era
One of the groups in theatre whose work suffered the most during the pandemic was female creatives over the age of 40.
We are all over 45, mainly female (with the exception of Jonny Emmett - actor) and all late career changers. We are committed to assembling a production team of a diverse as possible group of women and people who describe themselves as female, over the age of 40.
Sometimes life events lead to less than straight career paths.  As late career changers, we represent a collection of individuals with a variety of experiences, including neuro-diversity and mental health conditions. We are LGBTQ and straight diverse, with lived experienced of life events such as bereavement, single parenthood, separation, adoption, carer responsibilities and other life stuff.
Given the negative impact of Covid on theatre and the developing cost-of-living crisis, we are committed to proper pay for all our cast and creatives.  Wages constitute a significant part of our budget (and we don't mind admitting are a bit terrifying!)
Elin has written and provided the play for free. We are also grateful to receive much in-kind support, as well as production assistance from The Space.
We've limited the budget by as much as possible by using our creativity in other areas wherever possible with multiple hats being swapped between actor/set designer/producer/marketing/stage managing/tech designer. Other costs include (and are not limited to):
  • Three weeks rehearsal period
  • 5 performance nights
  • Rehearsal space hire 
  • Tech fees 
  • Marketing & merchandise
  • Educational resources
  • Insurance
  • Set design & construction
  • Usage license of contemporary footage
  • Development of an educational pack
  • Final script R&D with actors & director end June/early July
We are launching a short and intense Kickstarter campaign to run the month of May 2022. Our target is ambitious - £5600 in 1 month. We must raise the full amount in order to receive any of the money.
This kickstarter fund along with in-kind support and other private donations and sponsors will help us to support an Arts Council England application.
An ACE application for the under £30k tier will be submitted once the Kickstarter is completed in the first week of June or as soon as target is reached.
It's essential that GUINEA PIGS is fully funded so that we can get the story of the Nuclear test veteran scandal out to the world and meet our objectives for the production by paving the way for our future plains as laid out in Our Aims.
We are incredibly grateful and humbled by all the help we receive.

Funded!! - Thank you so much to everyone who helped us get there 

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